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Our company, Sator & Fata, was created in 2001 and is devoted to technological innovation and to the development of new products, being its first premise to respect both the environment and the final consumer.


We like to make money, but not at the price of destroying our environment.


To manufacture the range of SaltSinker® articles for industrial and competition fishing, our star product for which we have received various international awards, we use non-pollutant materials, such as natural sea salt, without anti-caking agents as extracted from our salt flats,  rich in micro-plankton;  and steel, the only metal used in our SaltSinker Professional Steel sinkers, that is the removable SaltSinker® Evolution spinners and the streamers with nano-particles from SaltSinker® odorous and tasty flies. Our immediate project is the development of a new hook that is friendlier to fishes, and can be removed easily, avoiding infections from mouth wounds when the hook is removed during Catch & Release fishing.


Over the last two years, our company has received the following awards:


Gold Medal, including congratulations from the jury (honorific), maximum award at the International Inventions Show of Geneva 2005 for ecological and biodegradable sinkers in the industrial and competition fishing, SaltSinker®; because provides a substitute to the lead, a highly pollutant metal responsible for the high levels of toxicity that appears in the fishes caught in our coasts, and that reaches very dangerous levels for consumption.


25th Gold Trophy - New Millennium Award, given in 2006 by the Trade Leaders Club and Editorial Office, one of the most prestigious awards in international trade.


35th Gold Trophy for Quality- New Millennium Award, given in 2007 by the Trade Leaders Club and Editorial Office,


26th Gold Trophy for Food & Beverages – 2007- New Millennium Award, for Concentrated Bait Made of Olfactory and Taste Nanoparticles  


We would like to invite companies from all over the world to take part in our projects.
SaltSinker is a trade mark of Sator & Fata Privacity and security