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Flies Characteristics


SaltSinker® flies and streamers are characterised by innovations that are unique of their kind, namely:


1. They are fitted to top quality steel hooks which are tempered three times in succession, with which we achieve a hardness so far unequalled on the basis of traditional techniques handed down from the past. As you all know, changes in temperature during fishing causes the hooks to lose their toughness to the point that they become fragile and brittle with use. With our hooks, this does not happen since our tempering process grants them a certain adaptation to the environment, provided the difference in temperature between the air and the water is no greater than 12 degrees Celsius.


2. The materials used in producing the flies and strimers are natural and, before they are assembled, they are submerged in stainless steel tanks containing a saturated solution of SaltSinker odorous and tasty nanoparticles extracted from the insects that they simulate. This process, which takes 90 days, impregnates them with a lasting odour and taste that makes them highly attractive to fish. The result is that not only do the flies confuse the fish visually; they also give off an aroma and taste that stimulates the fish into attacking them.


3. Our flies are completely hand-made. A team of expert assemblers from the entire world, with more than fifteen years of experience, enthusiastically assemble them. Their designs are the outcome of observation and analysis of the feeding habits of fish.


4. We offer the best prices on the market, thanks to our high sales figures, and due to the low trade margin which we put on our product (less than 10%) during the first year of its promotion.


5. Our products are fully ecological, biodegradable and harmless to the environment and to people. It we lose a fly or streamer it disintegrates completely without harming the environment. No toxic compounds of any kind are used in their production.


SaltSinker is a trade mark of Sator & Fata Privacity and security