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Spinner - Characteristics






The over-200-year-old-history spinner is one of the lures that have evolved the least. International companies have devoted years of effort trying to develop a spinner with interchangeable blades. There were several unsuccessful attempts, mainly based on wires.

Our innovation department has developed a new concept of spinner, in which every components can be removed, giving the fisher the opportunity to develop his/her creativity, designing his/her own models according to the environment conditions, and giving him/her even the opportunity to combine the traditional spinner with living baits d flies*. This new spinner type is patented.



It implements a patented system that allows to release or press the wire of the spinner by means of a fish-head-similar part, where a fixing screw, that can be tightened or loosened with an Allen wrench, presses or releases the wire. Thus, its elements can be easily interchanged, the fisher can easily and at will modify the shape and weight of the spinner, adapting it to the weather conditions, and without having to remove the fishing line from the fixing screw.



-Detachable: without removing the fishing line and with a simple move, you can change the blades o fix another spinner in only 3 seconds.

-Variable weight, al will. Simply add or remove the weight elements of the spinner body.

-Add living bait. You can dismantle the spinner, insert a worm or a shrimp in the lower section, add the desired weight and blade and there you are: a spinner with tempting living bait, infallible for any prey.

-Convenient. You do not need to carry loads of spinners for a fishing day since the fixing screw, the spinner and different weight elements are more than enough.

-You can modify the weight of your spinner simply by adding or removing the weight elements of the body of the spinner.

*Flies. 2. The materials used in producing the flies and strimers are natural and, before they are assembled, they are submerged in stainless steel tanks containing a saturated solution of SaltSinker odorous and tasty nanoparticles extracted from the insects that they simulate. This process, which takes 90 days, impregnates them with a lasting odour and taste that makes them highly attractive to fish. The result is that not only do the flies confuse the fish visually; they also give off an aroma and taste that stimulates the fish into attacking them.
SaltSinker is a trade mark of Sator & Fata Privacity and security