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Detachable hook










Fishers comply with relevant regulations that require the release of catches, but they return fishes with serious mouth wounds caused involuntarily while removing the hook’s barb; some fishers file them, but then they are forced to drag the fish towards them sharply and quickly since, without the barb, the fish would escape the hook if the fishing line loosens. Sometimes, this causes serious tears in the mouth of the fish.

Our patented system keeps the barb of the hook, thus allowing time for the fish to give up and easily and gently drag it to the shore in order to remove the hook. With a single move and in a few seconds you shall release the fish, by simple removing the hook through the base, opposite to the barb, with causing the fish any harm.




It implements a patented fixing part that allows to release or press the hook simply by tightening or loosening a screw with an Allen wrench. The screw is hidden and allows changing the hook swiftly and easily, without cutting the fishing line, since this is trapped under the fixing part.




-Reduces damages and stress for the fish.

-Safe. You can fish without missing preys. No need to remove the barb - thus, steel keeps its tempering.

-Quick. You can change hook and bait in a brief. In competitive fishing, where removing hook from fish swiftly is of the essence, it saves a lot of time.

-Minimizes the seriousness of fishing accidents, since the wounded fisher can remove the hook thorough the base without worsening his/her wounds.


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