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Sinker - Characteristics

  SaltSinker Steel & olfactory and taste nanoparticles

SaltSinker® uses non-contaminating materials, such as natural marine salt - without anticaking agents, just as it comes from salt works, rich in micro plankton - and steel, the only metal in our range of SaltSinker Professional Steel and SaltSinker Classic Steel products, treated in order to avoid rusting but harmless to the environment. The combination of steel and marine salt, compressed by subjecting them to 100 tons of pressure in order to obtain maximum weight with minimum volume, and its high contents of concentrated olfactory and taste nanoparticles, offers fishermen the possibility of adjusting its weight as desired, increasing their catches spectacularly. SaltSinker®, lead and bait all in one, offers efficiency unknown to date in fishing gear.


This concentrated bait is the result of 10 years of research in the field of sports fishing. SaltSinker® extracts 20 grams of olfactory and taste nanoparticles per kilo of fish, crustaceans, molluscs, amphibious worms and vegetables, with a patented formula and method. The olfactory nanoparticles are cultivated by cubic crystallization in marine rich in micro-plankton and then compressed by subjecting them to 100 tonnes of pressure; thus, we obtain a 100% efficient bait, durable - 72 hours - and heavyweight, similar to lead, so we have bait and lead all in one. How it works Our Research Department tinted the nanoparticles with a fluorescent reactant so as to watch its behaviour in water: the concentrated SaltSinker® bait, in contact with water, slowly dissolves freeing the olfactory and taste nanoparticles, which due to their lightness are dragged hundreds of meters few minutes after being released. We checked that fish followed the olfactory and taste trail of the nanoparticles, behaving rather aggressively when faced with the inability to find the tasty bite that gave off the odours and tastes they perceived, avidly attacking the bait. Nanoparticles could be seen for the entire fishing day. Our bait is not food for fish, but a combination of odours and tastes that attracts fish to our fishhook and which is invisible their eyes. When fish follow the trail of the nanoparticles, they run into our bait, recognise the salt perfectly but do not identify it as food, do not devour it and continue searching for the coveted bite until it finds our bait.

General Ingredients

-A concentrate of olfactory and taste nanoparticles consisting of fish, worms, crustaceans, molluscs, vegetables (sardine, sole, loach, minnow, trout, shrimp, lobster, squilla, hermit crab, spawn, oyster gonads, clam, mussel, squid, sea urchins, bibis, lugworm, insect larvae, algae, wild fruits, corn, plants that induce euphoria on fish, etc.) -Microplankton - Marine salt -Excipients, c.s.

SaltSinker is a trade mark of Sator & Fata Privacity and security