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SaltSinker will receive next 13th of July en Sao Paulo, Brasil the Gold Trophy “Top for Business International 2007”. This prestigious prize of big international importance is awarded for quality and innovation of the SaltSinker products.


Saltsinker was awarded the International Trophy 2007, for its odorous and tasty nanoparticles.


SaltSinker in the gathering with journalists from different countries in Vilagudín Ordes (Galicia) where these magnificent professionals of acknowledged prestige and experts in sports fishing tested the SaltSinker products


Juan José Suárez Crespo, head of the company SATOR & FATA, received the INTERNATIONAL GOLD TROPHY FOR QUALITY “NEW MILLENNIUM AWARD”, the highest award at the world level, in Paris, for his SaltSinker line of products for sports fishing.

Detachable Hooks
With a single move and in a few seconds you shall release the fish, by simple removing the hook through the base, opposite to the barb, with causing the fish any harm.

SaltSinker Drifting
Ground-Bait Sinker with olfatory and taste nanoparticles specialy for Drifting-Fishing,

SaltSinker Spare Parts
Salt, compressed at 100 tons pressure to gain maximum weights and minimum volume, with olfatory and taste particles .

SaltSinker Bait Ground
Weight and Baits, with olfatory and taste nanoparticles. length 10 hours

Mini Detachable Spinner
Detachable mini spinner especial for autochthonous trout. Three spinner in one, with odorous and tasty nonoparticles, and two blades for free.

Salt and steel weight for profesionel use,with olfatory and taste nanoparticles in three weihgts, Small, Medium and Large, available for beach, rocks , lake and river. 110 gr, 8 salt sinker free

SaltSinker® flies and streamers impregnates them with a lasting odour and taste that makes them highly attractive to fish. The result is that not only do the flies confuse the fish visually; they also give off an aroma and taste that stimulates the fish into attacking them

Detachable Spinners
After many years unchanged, the spinner has finally found its personal evolution with a patented system that allows it to be modified to our liking in terms of size, appearance and hooks

Dry Fly
Moscas secas impregnadas de nano partículas olorosas y gustativas del insecto que imitan, anzuelo con temple tradicional.

Wet Fly
Mosca ahogada, resultado de la observación de los mejores montadores de España, con olor y sabor

A team of expert assemblers from the entire world, with more than fifteen years of experience, enthusiastically assemble them.

Special Salmon
Our products are fully ecological, biodegradable and harmless to the environment and to people.

We offer the best prices on the market, thanks to our high sales figures, and due to the low trade margin

SaltSinker is a trade mark of Sator & Fata Privacity and security