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17/04/2010 Un montaje infalible
30/06/2007 International Gold Trophy - Barcelona 2006
01/06/2007 SaltSinker will receive next 13th of July en Sao Paulo, Brasil the Gold Trophy “Top for Business International 2007”. This prestigious prize of big international importance is awarded for quality and innovation of the SaltSinker products.
08/05/2007 Saltsinker was awarded the International Trophy 2007, for its odorous and tasty nanoparticles.
29/04/2007 SaltSinker beim Periodisten-Treff verschiedener Länder in Vilagudin Ordes (Galizien, Spanien) wo diese ausgezeichneten und anerkannten Experten im Sport-Angeln die Produkte SaltSinker auf die Probe stellten.
26/05/2006 Technologische Innovation und Design im Hall der DEMA in Barakaldoder




SaltSinker beim Periodisten-Treff verschiedener Länder in Vilagudin Ordes (Galizien, Spanien) wo diese ausgezeichneten und anerkannten Experten im Sport-Angeln die Produkte SaltSinker auf die Probe stellten.

Extraordinary success of the SaltSinker Evolution spinners and the SaltSinker odorous and tasty nanoparticles in the press gathering  in Vilagudin in Ordes (Galicia), where the best writers in international sports fishing journalism tested the Saltsinker odorous and tasty nanoparticles and the Evolution spinners. The gathering was an example of the camaraderie, good taste and hospitality of a village admired for its generosity and kindness, and I would like to take the opportunity to thank them for everything they have done. The humour of Miguel Piñeiro and his easy-going nature infected us all. And what can one say about Alberto Torres, running here and there offering everyone the best of his smiles, concerned about the comfort of his guests? The welcome on the first day left me a bit bewildered; I was received as if I, poor me, were the star of the show. And my shyness melted away. So I plucked up my courage and shared out the SaltSinker Evolution spinners and the special odorous and tasty nanoparticles for salmonid fishing among attendants, so that they could test them and give their honest opinion on the effectiveness of the SaltSinker products. The next day we all went fishing and such was my surprise when, after two hours, J. A. Bengoetxea and his father, an experienced fisherman, came up to me with five beautiful trout weighing several kilos, each one caught in just three hours, telling me effusively that they had been caught thanks to the SaltSinker products, that they were sure of. The Canal Plus cameraman, a youngster whose equipment I was looking after every time he went off on account of his trade to film a catch, was surprised by the comments from the two veteran fishermen, and much more so when, later on, I was congratulated by other participants who also used SaltSinker odorous nanoparticles and Evolution spinners for salmonids. The day’s fishing recommenced after lunch with similar results (J. A. Bengoetxea with his father went back to fish in the same spot, since the effect of our attractant lasts for 72 hours and they had even better results than in the morning). I would like to thank all the participants who used SaltSinker products for their kind collaboration, which was of great importance for me since I wanted to be able to demonstrate to the professional press the efficiency of my products. Finally, my gratitude to Alberto Torres and to Miguel Piñeiro for their kindness in inviting me to such an important event; and so I took my leave of this beautiful setting, its kind and generous people, to whom I hope to return very soon.                                   

These five catches were attracted to the spot by the SaltSinker odorous and tasty nanoparticles.

Here we all are. Happy for what we have received... and happier still for what we will be given. Friendship, support, wisdom, good food and the biggest trout you can fish for. 

A beautiful rainbow trout weighing several kilos caught by José Parada with a SaltSinker Evolution spinner.

Welcoming talk with a group of renowned journalists, who handle both the cane and the pen with equal skill.

Two generations of great fishermen, I drooled with (healthy) envy to watch them pulling out large trout (lots and lots). To attract them to their spot, they used SaltSinker odorous nanoparticles for lakes. 

In the foreground on the left, Julio Seijas, a virtuoso artist with the fly, who, together with Paco Redondo, are the best fly makers in Europe.

Midstream, the ineffable Antonio Pérez Henares, always in a good mood, gave me the best of his smiles and helped me to overcome my shyness, and the beautiful Paula Vilariño, with whom I struck up a lovely friendship from the moment I arrived.

Paco Redondo, a complete artist. In a few minutes he had converted hairs and feathers into a perfect insect, with which to tempt a trout with guarantees of success. I hope that we will be working together soon.

In the foreground is the enigmatic Enrique Aguado, a patient man with many virtues, and the one that I most admire, because I do not have it, is knowing how to listen. He put up with my chatter, imperturbable and impassive, and gained all my affection. What can I say? the invisible world is very evident.

...and now friends, at the web site of my good friend Miguel Piñeiro you can see dozens of photos.

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