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23/04/2007 Paris Internationale Trophae




Paris Internationale Trophae

The prestigious firm Sator & Fata, concerned with the research and development of new products for sports fishing, has been distinguished for the second successive occasion with the Gold Trophy to add to its previous international distinctions: the Gold Trophy for innovation in 2006 and four medals: “two gold and two bronze”, in the 33rd International Fair for innovations held in Geneva in 2005, in recognition of the contribution made by the researcher and chairman of this prestigious firm, Juan José Suárez Crespo, in the field of sustained development of new products which are a symbol of quality and respect for nature. This award, the “ 35th GOLD TROPHY FOR QUALITY– NEW MILLENNIUM AWARD”, granted by Editorial Ofice and Trade Leaders Club, consisting of 7500 companies who were previous winners, was made to SaltSinker after evaluating its products in 112 countries, and it received the International Gold Trophy 2007 for the development of new products for sports fishing of unbeatable quality and which combine their efficiency with respect for the fish and their environment.

The prize-winning products are the following:

 - SaltSinker Steel – Weights made of steel and salt, with odorous and tasty nanoparticles.

 - SaltSinker Evolution – Variable weight detachable spinner.

 - SaltSinker Catch and Release - –Special spinner for death-free fishing.

 - SaltSinker “Odorous and tasty flies” – Flies and Streamers with odour and taste.

 - SaltSinker Detachable Hooks  -  Detachable hooks for death-free fishing.

This trophy was awarded to Juan José Suárez Crespo, in a lunch held in his honour, in the rooms of the Hotel Meridien Etoile in Paris, on 23 April 2007 in the presence of the top authorities of Paris, the diplomatic corps, representatives of culture and the communications media.

The Gold Trophy for Quality is the most prestigious prize in the world at the commercial level, and it distinguishes those firms that have shown quality, imagination, honesty, inventiveness and responsibility to the environment and consumers, and is awarded by Editorial Ofice and the Trade Leaders Club, a non-profit making institution, with the aim of distinguishing the most outstanding companies throughout the world in all fields of commerce, with special emphasis on Quality and Innovation.


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